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      Adaptive skiers to participate in Noquemanon

      There's a new race that's going to be included in the Noquemanon Ski Marathon this weekend. It's called adaptive skiing. Members of Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL) will be participating.

      Adaptive skiing is for anyone who has a disability. A person can either sit ski or stand ski and be accompanied by a helper.

      Six people will be participating in either the 500 meter or 3k race. They've been training for the last three weeks.

      "It really means a lot to us that people with disabilities are included in a race that's like everyone else. We're not being separated, we're not being put to the side. We're right there in the middle with them. It means a lot and it means that our communities are seeing that people with disabilities are just like anyone else," says adaptive skier, Jessica Manier.

      The adaptive skiers will start later in the race at 2 p.m. Afterwards, there will be an award ceremony.