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      Adding a new flavor to the upper Michigan brewing game

      For 10 years the Bayou Restaurant and Bar in Harvey has been a great place to grab some food and a drink, but now the bar has started brewing its own beer under the name Chocolay River Brewery. The Bayou has been serving its beer now for just shy of two weeks, but it has taken about a year and a half to get everything together. What prompted the owner of the Bayou to jump into brewing his own beer?

      "It seems like an up and coming thing. All the breweries are doing very well. I love craft brewed beer and I had an opportunity to be with a great brewmaster that was available. So we just went with it," said Tim Soucy, owner of Chocolay River Brewing and the Bayou.

      A great brewmaster could just be what the doctor ordered for the new brewing company. Grant Lyke was the brewmaster at Jasper Ridge for years before he jumped into this new endeavor and he is already off to a good start.

      "I think I just want to start off with some really nice classic American style beers that will appease to everybody," said Lyke.

      As of right now, the brewery has five different kinds of beer to choose from with another on the way soon. There's no stopping there either. Lyke will continue to test the waters and add more kinds of beer as he sees fit.

      "We're going to just take a look and see what the people at the Bayou are enjoying and we'll just continue to make what the customers like," said Lyke.

      Unlike other breweries, Chocolay River Brewery is not able to distribute their beer to other businesses because they are labeled as a brew pub. Since Chocolay River Brewing is not able to distribute, that makes the Bayou the only place you can try one of the new brews.