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      Additional emergency service comes to Dickinson County

      A critical care air ambulance service that lives by the saying minutes matter is making an addition.

      One that could make the difference when emergency's happen and every second counts.

      On Friday Integrated First Response welcomed a new facility that will house ground ambulances that will play a part in the company??s critical response process.

      "This initially, was a very large, very old, very beautiful warehouse," said Andy Hay, Board Manager of IFR. "About 34 days ago, they came in, tore up the floors, put in all in-floor heating. We built all the walls and the living quarters and enough room for six ambulances here."

      IFR says they're excited to be able to continue providing critical care and transportation for patients, not only by air, but by ground, as well.

      The air ambulance services all of the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin.

      Counties serviced by the new ground ambulances include Dickinson, Florence, northern Marinette and parts of Menominee.