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      Adopt a pet free of charge, help out maxed out shelter

      The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare S helter is filling up, and they're asking for the community's help.

      This time of year, officials at UPAWS say they are near their limit and have no more room for animals. They're asking the community to call ahead before bringing a pet they want to surrender.

      "Summer is a big time for people to surrender animals as well as we get a lot of strays this time of year," said Lareina Van Strien, manager at UPAWS. "And we've kind of found ourselves in a situation where we've filled almost all of our kennels, so we're just being really creative. The staff are taking animals home, everybody is just trying to work together to make sure that euthanasia is not an option."

      The shelter is also working with Fox Marquette for their fifth annual Fox Adoption where Fox Marquette will pay the fee for any animal you decide to take home. That event is scheduled for next Wednesday, Aug. 22.