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      Adoptions of four children finalized in Marquette

      <font size="2">Derek and Nate Tobias</font>

      Four adoptions were finalized in Marquette County on Tuesday.

      A reception was held at the Marquette County Courthouse to honor the adoptive families and celebrate National Adoption Day.

      Nate and Derek Tobias are officially father and son.

      "It's very rewarding. It's great that they have a National Adoption Day to recognize these kids and let them know how special the day is for them...that somebody that loves them can bring them into their family and love them," said Nate Tobias.

      As for Derek, he said, "It feels really good because I get to have a new dad," said Derek Tobias.

      In 2013, 33 adoptions were finalized in Marquette County.