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      Adventurous campers return home

      Excited parents are waiting on the dock of Isle Royale Headquarters as their adventurous teens return from Isle Royale.

      Only seven students were selected for a five-day wilderness expedition to the park.

      Eighth grader Heidi Harmala says visiting the island was a great learning experience.

      â??We learned about how the animals changed out there and how the moose and wolf population changed a lot, and itâ??s not just the noise that change the wolves or the wolves that change the moose, but different things happen to change everything,â?? said Harmala.

      Three teachers also joined the expedition, and they say visiting the park is great opportunity especially for local students.

      â??Isle Royaleâ??s a pretty hard National Park to get to. Itâ??s expensive and logistically you need equipment to get out there, so we wanted to provide access to the local students that maybe didnâ??t have the knowledge to get out there or the money to get out to a National Park thatâ??s right in their backyard,â?? said Brad Rajdl, educator for the Isle Royale Institute.

      The students learned how to survive on the island by camping and cooking their own food, and they even got a chance to hike and kayak.

      â??First, there are my memories, Iâ??m going to always have those, but if I was allowed to take one last thing like a solid object and remember it, it would probably be a green stone. Theyâ??re small little stones of green, and theyâ??re just really beautiful,â?? said student Colin Jackson.

      The park service says theyâ??d like to keep the expedition, but the grant money used to fund the project was only for this year. The park is currently looking for a local source of donations help to continue the project.