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      Affordable Care Act and the VA

      Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act started last week and has some people raising questions, specifically about the VA Health Care System and its relationship to the new law.

      The Department of Veteran Affairs has launched an awareness campaign to give veterans information about the new health care law. Veterans who are already receiving health care from the VA will see no change in their benefits or out-of-pocket costs when the law takes effect next year.

      ??Veterans that are enrolled in the VA health care and also have other private insurance, you can continue to use both VA health care and private insurance,?? said Public Affairs Officer, Brad Nelson. ??For those veterans that may already have private health insurance but have not enrolled in VA health care, we ask that you'd consider enrolling in VA health care coverage as well.??

      For more information on the VA and the Affordable Care Act, visit their website here .