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      After Christmas sales

      If you thought the holiday shopping frenzy was over, think again. Retailers say the day after Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with Escanaba being no exception.

      Some people are busy returning unwanted Christmas gifts and some shoppers are using their new gift cards. The majority in Delta County seem to be looking for the after Christmas sales.

      "People wait for the sale,â?? said Heidi Gartland, owner/operator of Wishful Thinking. â??I had people waiting at the door to get in today. People that have their eye on something for themselves, maybe to see if they can still get that after Christmas."

      Downtown Escanaba businesses were booming Thursday as they offered discounts on Christmas merchandise.

      â??My eye has been on the red and gold tree,â?? said local shopper Lisa Bartel. â??My tree is full in the front, but naked in the back, and I need more ornaments!"

      â??I'm from out of town and I'm shopping for after Christmas specials hoping to get some unique items that we can't find at home," said Farmington Hills resident, Kathy Calouette.However, it is not just the small local stores; the larger corporate stores are busy as well."And Walmart, well it's crazy at Walmart. So, we'll avoid that for a little bit," Bartel said.

      For those planning to return unwanted gifts, remember: read the receipts. Not all stores have a flexible return policy.