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      After school skiing and snowboarding

      The after school program at the Gladstone ski hill gives students the opportunity to learn how to ski or snowboard.

      Before hitting the slopes, the first half hour of the after school program at the Gladstone ski hill is dedicated to hitting the books. After, instructors offer lessons in snowboarding and skiing.

      â??She actually taught me,â?? said fifth grader Madylyn Golzynski. â??It was my first time and I got half way down the hill, I fell and I got back up. And now Iâ??m really good at it.â??

      For $9, students receive a snack, equipment rental and lift ticket. Students with season passes are welcome to join as well.

      â??I have my own snowboard, not my own boots though,â?? said fifth grader Carter Hedmin.

      After homework, the kids are welcome to hit the hills or visit with friends.

      â??I like to just hang out and go down the hills,â?? said fifth grader Kate Matthews. â??And fall and laugh and butt slide!â??

      The lift ticket gives students access to any of the hills, including the tube run and terrain park.

      â??I like the bunny hill just to mess around on,â?? said 11-year-old Vijay Kennedy. â??But then the bigger hills, I like to hit jumps and go down faster.â??

      The program currently picks up students from Rapid River, Holy Name, and Gladstone. The park looks to extend their pickup services to Escanaba next year.

      â??I think kids should come out even if they have no idea what theyâ??re doing,â?? said ski instructor Gabby Movalson. â??Snowboarding or skiing; it's fun, youâ??re going to enjoy it, youâ??re outdoors. So, give it a try.â??

      The after school program runs Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays starting at 3:30 p.m. For more information, visit their website or call (906) 428-9222.