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      Afternoon bargains on Black Friday

      They say the early bird gets the worm, but more shoppers in Ironwood were fighting the crowd on Black Friday afternoon.

      Although some retailers didn't open until after 8 a.m. bargain hunters could still enjoy door-buster deals.

      With the tough economy, shoppers are always looking for a good bargain. At Maurices in Ironwood, shoppers received a Secret Santa gift and when they opened it, they either received 20, 30, or 50 percent off, or a free gift.

      "With our door-busters and our pull tabs we've been able to save the customers money all the way around; we have deals on our marked down merchandise, we have deals all over the store," Maurices Manager Trudy Sehellinger said.

      And they weren't the only ones. At K-Mart just a few feet away, the hot items cleared from electronics and, you guess it, toys.

      "Electronics is always a hot item especially the bigger Tvs, the plasmas, the LED Tvs, 42 inches, 50 inch Tvs," K-Mart Manager Dan Reed said.

      Enticing deals make some shoppers get out of hand but here, store managers say customers were on their best behavior. There's always the occasional opposers who say Black Friday cuts into family time. Some disagree.

      Shoppers have a few more hours to clear the shelves in Ironwood, and although numbers have not been projected yet, employees say there's a clear increase in sales from last year.