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      Airport manager prepares for retirement

      The Delta County Airport Manager is embarking on a new journey after recently announcing her retirement. It'll be effective on June 1.

      The Delta County Board of Commissioners will interview applicants at the end of April. Much of Connie Nessâ??s daily activities include paperwork. It's an essential duty as airport manager.

      She keeps the airport running, and one achievement she's proud of is airport security. The parking lot is really close to the airport doors. In 2003 the airport built a blast wall to protect it from potential threats like car bombs.

      After 9/11, law enforcement officers were placed at the airport during flight times. The airport also has secured fences all around it. No one's allowed on the airfield other than the pilots. But one thing Ness will miss most are the friendly faces she sees.

      â??I love being in the aviation community,â?? says Ness. â??And I hope to stay in it. I hope to carry on with that."

      Ness says she's also looking forward to doing more flying. She's a member of the local flying club. Until then, she'll spend the next two months focused on upcoming projects later this year.

      â??Paving out there is in rough shape, so we hope to do all that. Even the concrete pad right out on the terminal wasn't designed to carry the weight of the jet we currently have. And we're going to be replacing that," Ness says.

      She spent the first half of her 17 years at the airport as the Assistant Airport Manager.