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      Alger County Chiropractor back in court on CSC charges

      The 54-year-old chiropractor from Alger County, facing sexual assault charges, was in court on Monday afternoon. George Young is charged with fourth degree criminal sexual conduct. A half dozen victims have testified that Young sexually assaulted them during chiropractic visits . Young maintains his innocence and says it was a legitimate technique. Monday, the prosecution filed a motion to consolidate the cases, and the defense wanted a change in venue. No decision was made.

      In a related story, a deputy from the Alger County Sheriff's Department is facing an assault and battery charge after allegedly assaulting George Young in the Alger County Jail.

      The Delta County Prosecutor's Office is handling the charge due to a conflict of interest with Alger County officials. Officials believe William Joseph Carlson, 42, allegedly assaulted Young because one of the alleged sexual assault victims was somebody Carlson knew.

      Carlson will be back in court on April 12 for a hearing.