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      Alger County Fair adds baseball competition

      It was a busy day as families came out to enjoy the Alger County Fair. For the first time ever, they held a baseball minor league competition.

      Parents say it's a great opportunity to have their kids involved in the community and meet new kids.

      "They had a slow start to their baseball season, secondary to all of the bad weather that we had. So the opportunity to have the community see what they can do has been very nice," said Michelle Kroupa-Kulik.

      Three teams participated, the Chatham blue, Chatham green, and Munising team. Tournament officials hopes it continues to grow every year.

      "My favorite part, hitting the ball because then you get on base and you get a score," said Wyatt Kroupa-Kulik.

      This year 4,000 people participated in the exhibit portion of the fair. That also includes the horse show. They had pleasure classes, which includes trotting, raining, and walking.

      "I like competing with the horse, seeing if the horse and I can work together. Seeing if we can work better than someone else, I guess," said Judy Nelson, longtime rider.

      The fair brings people, who grew up in the area, back for what they call the annual homecoming reunion.

      "Family, everybody getting together seeing old friends and watching the kids grow up from babies," said Ann Seppanen, visitor.ã??

      Around 3,500 people visit the fair. Officials say they raise about $10,000 that goes back to the Alger community.