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      All about dads at the U.P. Children's Museum

      The Upper Peninsula Children's Museum was celebrating Father's Day a little early Thursday evening.

      As part of their Second Thursday Series, the museum held special activities geared toward fathers. Children made Father's Day cards, ties, and enjoyed music from special guest, Papa Crow.

      Organizers say that fathers use this as a chance to get active with their children at the museum.

      "Well, dads have the energy often to crawl down on the floor with the kids, go into the squirrel house or get flushed down the toilet, and fathers appreciate the fart button. You know, things like that," said Dennis Whitley, the Program Director for the UPCM.

      Next month the Children's Museum will be hosting a family game night on July 12.

      For more information on the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum, click here.