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      All Star player volunteers at Bay Cliff

      Its free time for teens at Bay Cliff Health Camp and bonding with them is former U.P All Star football player Seth Rowles.

      Seth's spending the summer as a camp counselor and says the kids are extraordinary.

      "They have like these disabilities and yet they're just kids. They're so happy and they manage to rise above. They are way more than their disability," said Seth Rowles.

      He originally visited the camp with the U.P. all stars football team and that's when he knew had to become part of the effort.

      "We did like a tunnel and at the end the kids would like tackle one of us cause we had like a shield and just seeing like how happy they were just really honestly the best experience," Rowles said.

      This year there are 150 kids at the camp from the ages of three to seventeen. It's a seven-week camp that provides speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

      "When I came here at the beginning of the summer I was in a wheelchair and just to know this is how far I've come in seven weeks it's the best feeling," said Rayna Sherbinow.

      The program director says every year is different at the camp, but it's been a memorable time. As for Seth, he oversees four boys and says it's changed his life.

      "One of my kids like really struggles cutting food and when he cuts food it's the greatest. He's so proud of himself. I take for granted so many things that other people would kill for. It's definitely made me realize there's so much great about life," Rowles said.