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      All star teams bond with kids

      One after the other until all 80 players loaded the buses. The U.P. All Star football teams are headed to Bay Cliff Health Camp.

      Sarah Scafford says the kids were excited to show them around.

      "Show them all of their teen centers, the units they live in. They wanted to show them camp and let them know how excited they were for them to be here," said Scafford.

      Campers got some real head-to-head action with players during drill time. There were five stations with over a dozen players at each one.

      Jake Divine says it's so special to hang out with the kids.

      "They get to see those athletes. Those big giant guys who are coming to hang out with them and treat them just like they would anybody. That's what's most important for them: to feel like they're regular kids," said Divine.

      Kids of all ages lined up to get in on the fun. There was tackling, running, and tossing footballs.

      Dustin Dovierspike says his favorite part was just talking to the players.

      "Kind of happy because we get to know more about them and where they're from and why they choose to be football players," said Dustin.

      Among all the fun and games, the players took the time to get to bond and know the kids.

      Todd Goldbeck, game organizer, says it's important to teach the guys to give back to others.

      "This really is the most special part of the week because we really see the kids' true colors coming through. You know, as important as it is for Bay Cliff kids, it's just as important for the All Star kids, for them to see how they can touch other kids' lives," said Goldbeck.

      Even if it's just for two hours, those two hours make a world of difference to these kids.