75 / 54
      78 / 56
      80 / 59

      All win during Pigs-N-Heat game

      The 30th Annual Pigs-N-Heat game in Marquette was a success Wednesday night. The game pits Marquette County fire department against Marquette County law enforcement. Money raised at the game goes to the Marquette County Fire Relief Fund to help families displaced by fire. Since the first game back in 1983, they've raised almost $400,000.

      "Everybody gets into it, getting the fire department and police departments together for a little fun rivalry. There's always some smack talking between the guys, but in the end, everybody just has fun and it's for a good cause," said Dan Pruner of the Marquette City Fire Department.

      Tickets for the game have always been just one dollar. This year the Pigs, (law enforcement) won with a final score of 7 to 2.