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      Alleged victim testifies in criminal sexual conduct case

      The alleged victim in a criminal sexual conduct case in Marquette testified in district court Monday.

      Twenty-three-year-old Joseph Worthington Bingham from Marquette is facing two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC) and three counts of second degree CSC.

      The alleged victim, who is now 15, described three incidents of Bingham touching her inappropriately.

      The victim said the first incident happened when she was nine or ten years old.

      When the victim was questioned by the defense, she was asked multiple times when and where the alleged assault occurred.

      The victim testified the incidents happened in her home as well as Bingham's. The victim added at one point in time, Bingham was living in her home.

      "It's tough to nail down the exact dates of what the age of this particular individual was. If she was 12 or less. Accordingly we will oppose the bond over request by the prosecutor," said Timothy Quinnell, Bingham's attorney.

      Bingham's case will now go to Marquette County Circuit Court. He will be arraigned October 25