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      Allergies worse than previous years?

      Are allergies worse this season than years prior? What are the best treatment methods?

      These are questions asked in our Facebook Story of the Day.

      According to medical professionals, this year's pollen count is high, but no worse than 2010. Pollen-related allergies are the most common, beginning in early spring and lasting throughout the summer.

      Pollen counts tend to be higher at the beginning of the day.

      Doctors recommend those with these allergies limit outdoor physical activities until later in the day and save bathing for the night.

      Recent weather may have also worsened the allergic reaction for some.

      "When it rains, pollen counts diminish significantly," said Allergist Dr. Bobby Joseph. "However, what happens is the pollen absorbs all that water and bursts. When they burst, a slew of micro allergens are released. As soon as the rain is over, the next day the pollen counts are higher and the allergies are worse than ever."

      Tammie Hansen Lloyd seems to disagree with Joseph about the severity of allergies, writing on our Facebook page:

      Lloyd's disagreement can be explained by the fact allergies vary from individual to individual and are not exclusive to pollen.

      Grass allergies are now in full swing, soon to be followed by a brief weed allergy.

      One of the most effective ways to treat allergies is through an over the counter antihistamine, like Allegra and Zyrtec.