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      Alpacas thrive at Upper Peninsula farm

      In the Upper Peninsula, we are used to seeing animals native to our area, but what about an animal that originates from South America?

      In Norway, a farm is raising this exotic mammal and using its fur for various products. It's not a skinny donkey, a furry camel, or even a's an alpaca, and they're being raised at the Rainbow's End alpaca farm in Norway.

      The alpaca's fur is one of the most coveted for its fine fibers. Rainbow's End farm has a large store that features dozens of varieties of alpaca yarn and clothing.

      "Alpaca fiber is hypo-allergenic; it is five times warmer that wool," said Rainbow's End owner, Mary Lynn Verley.

      The alpacas have adapted well to the U.P. environment and are very friendly creatures. Alpacas are shorn once a year; their fur is then sent to be processed and made into high-quality materials and products.