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      ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comes to the U.P.

      People are braving buckets of icy cold water.

      The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is making waves across social media with people posting videos and challenging others to do the same.

      "It's nice to have something come across social media that's focused on helping out another organization that needs the money that needs the support,"said Bethany Vaughn.

      It's a challenge raising funds and awareness about ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

      ALS is a neurodegenerative disease which begins with the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord.

      "When that happens you are paralyzed. You have the inability to move any limb any arm your leg etc. Because it's progressive ultimately it will affect the diaphragm and so you will be unable to breathe as the disease progresses," said Eric Ottem, NMU Associate Professor of Biology.

      Around 30,000 Americans have this fatal disease each year.

      Chances are you may know someone with ALS, which is why many are taking the challenge.

      Once challenged you have 24 hours to complete it or donate a hundred dollars, but people are donating regardless.

      Some people have simply filled a bucket with ice and water, others are more dramatic by getting dumped on from the top of a bridge, or having a Zamboni dump 50 gallons.

      "It's a bunch of people around the world that have it, but a scary thing. Even if someone donates 10-15 dollars as well as doing this challenge every little bit can help towards rehab towards cures," said Chris Durley.

      All the money raised goes to the ALS association. So, far the challenge has raised 22.9 million.