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      Amasa: the "coolest" town ever!

      Jumpstarting a car. Itâ??s nothing new in the Upper Peninsula, especially this time of year.

      â??I came out to start the car to take my daughter to work and it wouldn't start; still will not start,â?? said Amasa resident, Sandi Emerson.

      But the main difference with jumpstarting a car in Amasa is the temperature you have to brave to do it. Amasa was reported to be the coldest town in the entire Upper Peninsula on Tuesday, with temperatures reaching the negative 20s. Still, it's nothing these residents haven't seen before.

      On January 19, 1994, the mercury finally stopped at a staggering -53 degrees. It seems Amasa is situated at the bottom of an "earth-bowl," if you will, which means temps are invariably freezing there.

      â??I don't think you get used to it, you just deal with it,â?? said Amasa Senior Center employee, Kelly Mullinax.

      And â??dealing with itâ?? is exactly what residents did on Tuesday. The Senior Center happened to be the only one open in all of Iron County, and the seniors here simply had to have their Bingo.

      â??They love to come and play Bingo,â?? Mullinax said.

      For coordinators here, it didnâ??t matter the door was frozen shut, they still stayed open.

      â??Where are people going to go if they want to go out and have a meal?â?? Mullinax said.

      The answer to that question from any outsider looking in is probably that they'd want to be as far away from Amasa right now as possible. So why do these folks continue to live in an icy, frozen tundra?

      â??It's just a nice community to live in; there's everything you'd want to do here: fishing, hunting,â?? Mullinax said.

      â??I like it here in Amasa, everybody pitches in to help each other out,â?? Emerson said.

      And as long as they've got their best pals to play Bingo with, there's no temperature too cold to freeze this community.