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      Ambitious grad saying so long to Upper Peninsula

      Only 25 percent of Michigan Tech Universityâ??s students are female. The ones that earn their degree with the college leave with a high level of success and have the GPAs to prove it.

      â??I always knew I was gonna go to Tech because I grew up in Houghton and my parents went to the school,â?? says Amanda Crane, 21. â??I was really excited to come here.â??

      Amandaâ??s longtime dream is accomplished. Her face was filled with excitement on Saturday for graduation day, eager for her new chapter of life to soon begin. Sheâ??s also the first of the two Crane children to graduate college making this a special moment for her parents.

      Her mom, Mary, admits it was nice to have her close to home.

      â??She worked very hard. We're very proud; she did a great job,â?? says Mary.

      Amandaâ??s father, Dan, says "Itâ??s very exciting. Something we've been looking forward to for her and us. It's a great thing. We're very proud. â??

      While only half the students that enroll in engineering schools make it to graduation, this exercise science grad leaves with three honor societies, one requiring an average 3.8 GPA.

      â??Chemistry and organic chemistry were a struggle for me,â?? admits Amanda. â??Faculty and staff here really are out to help the students.â??

      She credits overcoming educational hurdles to her teachers and peers. â??They're out to see everybody do well. If you get a group of peers that you can work together with, and you can study with, it works really well,â?? Amanda adds.

      Amandaâ??s ambition is as big as her smile. She says her next step will involve saying so long to the Upper Peninsula in her journey to chiropractic school.

      â??I'm gonna be in a big city. Itâ??s gonna be a big change for me, but I think Iâ??m ready for it,â?? Amanda says with confidence. â??Iâ??m excited.â??

      And she should be; her bright future has only begun. Congratulations Amanda!