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      AMCAB meal services

      If you are a senior, 60 years or older, you may qualify for the senior meals program organized through AMCAB.

      "Today we're having sweet and sour Meatballs, Garden Blend wild rice, and Key West blend vegetables," said Bill Donnell, chef.

      In the kitchen, at the Lost Creek Apartments, workers are preparing three hundred meals for seniors in the area.

      They are one of 16 sites for the Senior Meals Program organized through the Alger Marquette Community Action Board also known as AMCAB.

      "Throughout a year we serve about 550 seniors in the Meals on Wheels program. Some of those come on for a short time and go back off. Some of them are on for years," said Lori Stephens-Brown, Nutrition Director for AMCAB.

      They offer Meals on Wheels and Congregate dining for seniors 60 or older.

      With the Meals on Wheels program seniors are delivered a hot meal and frozen ones for the weekend.

      "Every time the driver delivers a meal they are doing a wellness check on that person. So, they make sure they have contact with that person when they deliver the meal. Check them over if there's anything that seems out of the ordinary. Then, they will call the office," Stephens-Brown said.

      Seniors that are able to get out and about can enjoy a meal at a designated site through the congregate dining service.

      Meals are planned and prepared to ensure each person receives the nutrition they need for 1/3rd of their day.

      "We usually come in around 7, 7:30 we start the day. All the drivers are back by 2 o'clock every day," Donnell said.

      It costs $440,000 to operate the program.

      While they receive 40% of funding from grants they ask Seniors in the program to donate for each meal.

      Ideal suggested donation is $3.50 per meal.

      Click here for more information. You can also call 906-228-6522 ext.302.