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      American Legion Post 90 honors veterans on Independence Day

      The Lake Linden American Legion Post 90 held a small ceremony Friday afternoon at the Lake Linden Park in honor and remembrance of local veterans.

      The ceremony started out with a speech given by the post commander on the park lawn. Local veterans also fired three volleys in memory and honor of deceased veterans followed by a playing of taps.

      The American Legion Post 90 holds the ceremony every year on the Fourth of July. Local veterans say they want people to remember why we celebrate this holiday.

      "We never want people to forget our service officers,â?? said American Legion Post 90 Commander Dan Judnich. â??The people that are serving right now, we want them to be remembered all the time. If there's nothing going on, people have the tendency to forget people that are in the services, and we don't want them to forget them."

      "We just like people to take time out during their festivities of the day to remember why we're really here on Independence Day,â?? added Bonnie Olli, president of the Auxiliary Unit 90. â??It's not all about partying and playing games and stuff."

      The American Legion Post 90 also has a memorial plaque in the park to serve as a constant reminder of those who serve.