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      American Red Cross pulls through in Duck Lake fire

      Over 600 people have sought help from the American Red Cross Post in Newberry since the Duck Lake wildfire started last week. Some are looking for aid, but most are checking to make sure that their friends and family are safe.

      "It's a close-knit community. They take care of one another like most communities in the Upper Peninsula. And they're taking care of one another, and that's really a good thing," said Red Cross volunteer Jeff Selesky.

      When Governor Snyder declared a State of Disaster for Luce and Schoolcraft Counties last week, the Red Cross looked downstate for assistance.

      The downstate volunteers specialize in mental health and damage assessment.

      "The important thing for us to come up here was that from down in our area, we have a lot of people who respond to national assignments. And we have the experience on going out and running a larger operation," said Red Cross volunteer Dick Beauchamp.

      The Red Cross station was originally located at the Newberry Youth Center but switched locations to the American Legion Post because of the increased volunteers and donations.

      "It's amazing to see the amount of donations that come in. And we're not talking money, we're talking items, specific items that were asked for by the firemen," Beauchamp added.

      The Red Cross says the items they need the most are water bottles and socks for the firefighters.