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      American Transmission Company informs public about power line plan

      American Transmission Company says they have a project that's going to make a stronger and more reliable power system that isn't as susceptible to power outages. Wednesday, they held an open house at the Island and Resort Casino to inform the public about the lines.

      It's called the Bay Lake Project, and part of it is going from Menominee to Escanaba.

      "We have some issues with voltage stability and just reliability issues in general, so this particular aspect of the Bay Lake Project, running from Holmes to Escanaba, will address that localized urgent need," said ATC Communications Consultant Jackie Olson.

      Another part of the project involved power lines going from Quinnesec to Ishpeming, but that has been postponed because of an ongoing study involving the planning of the lines.

      While ATC promises a more reliable system, those who would be directly impacted by the lines say it's not worth upsetting the natural habitat.

      For Angeles Lynn, she came to the open house to see where the lines would be and it turns out they'll go right through her property.

      "It's just an interference with the nature we have there. That's why I live there. I want to be able to walk out in the woods and see the wildlife. I don't want to have a big power pole going through my property. It just doesn't make any sense," said Lynn.

      But, ATC says they're trying to avoid that. Originally, the project would have affected about 34,000 people. Now, they've brought that number down to 13,000.

      "We have a very strong commitment to the environment at ATC. We have to apply for a number of environmental permits before we begin construction. The environmental coordinators work very closely with the construction crews to make sure that we avoid sensitive areas," Olson added.

      ATC plans to start the project in 2016.