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      Americans for Prosperity disagree with Medicaid expansion

      The Americans for Prosperity-Michigan chapter stopped in Houghton Tuesday evening on their U.P. tour to discuss why they disagree with Medicaid expansion in Michigan.

      Governor Snyder has been traveling through Michigan recently, pushing Medicaid expansion, citing the possibility of lower premiums for those currently insured.

      The AFP disagrees with the Affordable Care Act and believes expanding Medicaid only further supports the ACA, citing Maine and Arizona as two states with failed attempts at Medicaid expansion.

      Executive Director of AFP-Michigan, Scott Hagerstrom, said the current Medicaid system needs to be fixed before taking on new responsibilities.

      â??We need to get back to a system that's very focused, puts the patient in control, puts the patient-doctor relationship at the center of the health care system,â?? said Hagerstrom. â??There's a lot of things we can do, such as expanding HSAs, requiring co-pays for those in the Medicaid system so they have a little skin in the game.â??

      Americans for Prosperity will have their final meeting in Harvey on Thursday.

      For a schedule of their events, visit their website here .