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      Amorous Spotted Slug for State Slug

      The Amorous Spotted Slug. It's a legend of the Upper Peninsula, only sighted a handful of times. Witnesses say it's clairvoyant, nocturnal, and a notorious pasty stealer.

      But is it real? Sadly, no, the Amorous Spotted Slug is not real.

      But creator Larry Buege says that's not the point, though. He believes the creature could be a major marketing asset for the Upper Peninsula, just like the Loch Ness monster is for Scotland and the Little Green Men are for Rosswell, New Mexico.

      Larry Buege, Advocate for Slug Lovers In Michigan Empowered, or S.L.I.M.E., said, "If we could get this to be our state slug to promote the U.P., I think there's some money in it for the Upper Peninsula."

      His goal is to get the Amorous Spotted Slug, real or not, to become our state slug.

      Pat Black, Executive Director of the Marquette County Convention & Visitors Bureau, said, "It's a creative way to try to attract new visitors to Marquette. Certainly very tongue-in-cheek. I have no clue how it will pan out, but having people in the county that like to share with other people is really what I'm about, what we're about."

      The goal is to have at least 10,000 signatures. And anyone, no matter their age, city, or state, may sign the petition on paper or on the website. If enough signatures are collected, the Amorous Spotted Slug for State Slug petition would go to the State lawmakers, who could pass legislation for the A.S.S. to become the Michigan State Slug.

      To sign the petition, visit one of the various Slug Nonbeliever Outreach Teams, or S.N.O.T.'s, around the U.P.

      Buege said, "We have what we call S.N.O.T. Chapters, and Wild Birds Unlimited is the latest S.N.O.T. chapter. What they do is help us sign petitions and dispense bumper stickers and brochures," Buege said.

      If you would like to learn more about the A.S. S., click here. The history of the A.S.S. and many other fun facts are available, as well as a list of S.N.O.T. chapters.

      You can also sign the petition on the website.