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      An afternoon on the town

      Michigan Tech gave their first year students the opportunity to explore downtown Houghton Tuesday.

      It was called "An Afternoon on the Town," and hundreds of incoming freshman started their tour on campus and continued along College Avenue. Students got a chance to sample food and tour around 60 participating businesses. It was also a chance for student organizations to recruit new members.

      "We've got students that come from all areas, many students that come from other countries as well, and it's different from where everyone else comes from, and a lot of people aren't used to the great community that we have in the Houghton area and the local community around here, so people are really seeing that it's a very supportive relationship that the community has with Michigan Tech," said MTU Director of Student Activities, Joe Cooper.

      This was the first year for the event, and Tech says their goal is to familiarize students with what the town has to offer.