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      An American in Paris at Forest Roberts Theatre

      In 20 minutes, you can take a trip halfway around the world to Paris.

      A dance performance, co-produced by NMU senior, Alycia Heckathorn, brings a snippet of George Gershwin's symphonic poem, An American in Paris, to life.

      "It's following him and her, a young couple through their adventures in Paris. It's based sort of on the movie, An American in Paris, but it's not the full movie. It's more the 20-minute ballet at the end of the movie," said Alycia Heckathorn.

      The ballet is the climax of the full story.

      The entire performance will captivate audiences, expressing emotion through movement instead of words.

      "It's much easier to tell a story through words because you can just say, this is what I'm doing, but when you are trying to express it through movement, you have to make your actions very, very clear. Sometimes people are afraid of that," Alycia added.

      Audiences can enjoy the short performance as a perfect study break activity or a quick outing to start their night. People can also expect to leave the theatre feeling the sentiments of the romance told through motion.

      "I really just hope people will leave feeling sort of happy. There's really nothing sad about this piece at all. It's very joyful, playful and romantic, so I really just hope people leave the theatre feeling better than when they came in."

      You can catch the performance ballet of an American in Paris this Friday and Saturday night at Forest Roberts Theatre. Showtime is at 7:30 p.m.

      Tickets can be purchased at the NMU Ticket Office or any NMU EZ Ticket Outlet.