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      An award-winning nursing home in your backyard

      Escanabaâ??s nursing home facility, Christian Park Village, has received the American Health Care Association Quality Initiative Award. It is one of only four nursing homes in the state of Michigan to achieve all four quality initiative goals.

      They successfully reduced hospital readmissions, increased customer satisfaction, reduced use of antipsychotics, and increased staff stability by reducing their nurse turnover rate.

      Christian Park Village officials feel their facility stands out amongst others by investing in their staff.

      â??If you have a happy staff, the staff in turn takes better care of the residents. Itâ??s more consistent,â?? said Christian Park Village administrator Wayne Johnson. â??It certainly results in happier residents.â??

      The nursing home offers customer satisfaction surveys to each patient, allowing them to rate everything from food to the care they receive.

      â??At the end of the day, itâ??s all based around what the residents want,â?? Johnson said.