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      An evening with Rusty Bowers in Marquette

      R usty Bowers is a familiar face in the U.P. From television commercials to TV specials, combined with a 30-year background in theater, he's done it all.

      N ow his showmanship will be on full display in, " A n E vening with R usty," at the L ake S uperior Boathouse Theater in Marquette.

      T he cab a r e t-style show will feature a variety of musical selections from opera to pop.

      " I t's one song after another, and they kind of just mesh together ," said Bowers. "There's no real storyline. It's just fun music that people can enjoy, to come along, sing along and walk out the door singing."

      B owers has had complete ownership of the project since he conceptualized it in May and has been rehearsing outside of the theater since mi d- J une.

      I n its 14 years of existence, the L ake S uperior T heater B oathouse has never had a one man show, and this will be Ru sty's first time at it.

      " I 've promoted many shows, and I 've been in a lot of theater with a lot of people, and I' ve done marketing for it, but it is very different when you are the show ," Bowers explained.

      T he one-man performance is the final act for the L ake S uperior T heater's summer show series as well as a fundraiser to help bring future plays to the stage.

      " I wanted to help the theater along. I mean it's not struggling per say, but every year you have new bills, you have new things to do. We want to have new technical things, we want to make it more comfortable for the audience, the actors," Bowers said.

      A n Evening with Rusty premieres Wednesday, August 24, and will run until F riday.