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      Analyst discovers strange internet history on murder victim's computer

      May Miller testifying in the Kenneth Peters murder trial

      Day twelve in the murder trial of Kenneth Peters in Gogebic County started with Michigan State Police forensic analyst Colleen Auer-Lemke.

      She analyzed the laptop computer of 79-year-old victim Ethel Grzena Peters at the request of Prosecutor Adam Richards. Auer-Lemke searched for anything related to topics including power of attorney, suicide or murder, but nothing turned up. However, there were other things that struck her as odd.

      "I find it odd for a woman that age to visit social media or networking sites or using Internet on the computer," stated Auer-Lemke.

      She also mentioned that porn sites were visited, which was another unusual habit for an elderly woman.

      "I never had a 79-year-old female visiting porn sites in my exams," Auer-Lemke added.

      Shocking testimony followed, coming from Ironwood resident May Miller who worked with and dated the defendant, Kenneth Peters. She said he was "abusive" and "controlling" towards her if she didn't do what he wanted.

      The defendant's ex-girlfriend stated that she wasn't allowed to speak with anyone, not even her own son.

      "He would hit, slap, kick...if he knew I had a phone, he would take it and smash it," said Miller.

      She also testified that he would also take all her checks.

      "I was lucky if he would buy me a pack of cigarettes," Miller complained.

      She also said Peters took the medication Lorazepam, the drug found through a toxicology report of the 79-year-old victim.

      Steve Oliver, 39, went to Ken Peters for the first time the Sunday after the victim went missing along with a woman named Rebecca, who was friends with Ethel. He testified that while drinking the defendant talked about ditching a body.

      "I just thought it was talk. I hear a lot of people talk everyday, crap. That's what I thought it was," said Oliver.