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      Anatomy of a Murder at the Lake Superior Theatre

      The Lake Superior Theatre has been putting on plays for years, but their next production hits close to home as they put "Anatomy of a Murder" on the stage.

      "We just think it's great that we got an opportunity to do it on the 50th anniversary and "Anatomy of a Murder" is very important, not just to the Marquette area, but all over the U.P. It's really, in many ways, kind of the folklore of the U.P.," said BG Bradley, who plays Paul Biegler.

      The famous story of the lieutenant charged with first degree murder who attempts to plead insanity didn't make for easy roles for the actors.

      "This is definitely the most complex I've ever played. I've had to put a lot of work into this. It's definitely a work in progress. I have to really use different channels to discover Lieutenant Manion to try to find that little piece of myself that I can really bring out into his character," said Brenton Fitzpatrick, who plays Lieutenant Manion.

      Not only were the roles complex, but the play itself was difficult to put on.

      "It's very challenging because there are so many--there's so much that we have to make sure we incorporate into it. It has to be true to the actual case, it has to be true to the time period, and it needs to be true to the area," Fitzpatrick said.

      For viewers, the play shows more than just another day in court.

      "Really what the play is about is the gray areas in life, and it's about how hard it is sometimes to know exactly what happened and especially when it comes to crime and the legal system," Bradley said.

      You can see "Anatomy of a Murder" at the Lake Superior Theatre in Marquette now through August 2. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m.