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      Anatomy of "Anatomy" ready for festivals

      It took about ten years, but one local woman's book is about to hit the silver screen. Anatomy of "Anatomy," is the memoirs of Joan G. Hansen who interacted with many Hollywood Actors during the making of Anatomy of a Murder in Ishpeming back in 1958.

      Anatomy of a Murder, by John D. Voelker also of Ishpeming, focuses on a murder trial from 1952 where Voelker was the defense attorney.

      The new documentary is based off of Hansen's book and explains the large impact the movie had on the small town.

      "I was going to write an article because I had written a lot of articles in magazines and such. Well it just got to be too long for an article so it became my book," said Hansen.

      Anatomy of "Anatomy" made its debut in January at the Idyllwild Festival of Cinema. The movie will be shown a little closer to home April 12th at the Grand Rapids Film Festival.