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      And now for some good news

      The 15th annual Good News Awards recognized members of the local media Thursday. The awards are a way to honor stories focusing on positive messages of community, tolerance and other values.

      TV6 was among the award winners. Our own Eric Kane and TV6 President and CEO Manager Rob Jamros won for their works that focus on volunteerism.

      "Lifting up the good news amongst us, and we don't often hear about it, helps us feel more hope, and so when that happens, it changes my life because I'm always looking for those places and those points where positive things are happening. How can that not change your life?" said Reverend Patricia Megregian, a presenter at the awards ceremony.

      Representatives from five local churches gathered at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette to hand out the awards. Twenty different media organizations in TV, radio and newspaper, took home awards.