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      And they're off...

      Saturday was Big Powderhorn Mountain Ski Resortâ??s first snowmobile drag, but for a majority of the competitors, itâ??s another day and another race.

      "I've been drag racing snowmobiles for almost 20 to 21 years now," said Chris Nordang, racer and resident of Iron River. "Better than sitting home on the couch."

      It looks easy, but riders admit it's a lot of work on and off the snowmobile.

      "After every weekend, we have maintenance to do on them," declared competitor Louis Goldbach.

      Racers say beginners getting in-gear with the sport can get a stock snowmobile for a couple thousand dollars, but top competitors, like Goldbach, race by the saying, go big or go home.

      "Thereâ??s probably $12,000 to $15,000 that goes into them," Goldbach admited.

      The competitor added that every penny is worth it, adding "itâ??s just a fun thing to do."

      "We enjoy it," Goldbach said.

      He's not the only one. Fans on the sidelines seem to enjoy the adrenaline as much as the racers.

      Ironwood resident George Kennedy came with friends for a "good time" and are trying to keep the "snow spirit going."

      "Thereâ??s a lot of action, a lot of racing fun," said Kennedy.

      Mariah Vernetti of Bessemer has been to snowmobile drag races before, adding that she loves watching them.

      "I love seeing all the different types of heatsâ?|gets intense," exclaimed Vernetti.

      She's got that right. Races end in a matter of seconds. Snowmobilers fly through the 500-foot course at nearly 120 miles per hour.

      Some compete for fun, others for points, hoping to whisk their way into next weekâ??s big competition at Marquette Mountain.

      The Masters Racing Circuit President said Marquetteâ??s competition attracts racers from all different circuits, anxious to "rub elbows" with each other.

      "For not only the money but the pride of their community, their city, their state, and their circuit," added Schulz.

      Marquette Mountainâ??s big circuit gets underway next Saturday. Ignitions start at 9 a.m. sharp.