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      High schoolers exploring the world of acting had an opportunity to learn the basics from some of Northern Michigan University's finest acting instructors and students. They were treated to private acting lessons Friday by NMU Theatre instructors during the first-ever Theatre Workshop Intensive.

      "I've never really been able to do something like this, where I'm getting to work with professionals in our community. And I honestly learned so much in that first hour. It's incredible," said Maitri White, a freshman at Marquette Senior High School.

      The NMU Student Performing Arts Association said they're providing this opportunity for high schoolers to get more students interested in acting and theatre.

      "We have guest speakers come to the university, and we enjoy their expertise, so I knew that the high schoolers would really enjoy the faculty expertise here. We have such a wide range of it," said Courtney Brown, NMU Theater major and President of NMU's Student Performing Arts Association.

      High schoolers were able to gain a variety of skills from the NMU SPAA and NMU Theatre faculty, such as how to audition, how to do a mask performance, and what stage combat is all about.

      Instructors said the experience was worthwhile, and NMU is looking to provide this opportunity more often in the future.

      "It's a lot of fun working with young actors and sharing what it is that I know. All of us who are here have very nice careers. And whether they decide to go out and study or work professionally, I think the arts really enrich who it is that we are and makes us better people all around," said Ansley Valentine, NMU Director of Theatre.

      Instructors at NMU said the most important thing to remember when acting is to keep it fun!