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      Animal shelter flooded with felines

      The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has too many cats, and they've made an event to help give some of the cats a new home.

      They're calling it Trick or Tuna, and now through October 31 you can name your price for any cat, age six months and up, and kittens, normally $115, are now $50. Between UPAWS, their Pet Smart location and their foster program, they have more than 100 cats.

      "They make great companions; there are all kinds of personalities that our wonderful staff and volunteers can help match up what you're looking for in a cat and your lifestyle and your personality. But they all deserve a home. They didn't ask to be homeless, and we're going to find them a home," said Ann Brownell of UPAWS.

      When you adopt a pet at UPAWS, that also includes spay or neutering, shots and a health check.