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      Animal shelter needs some help

      The Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba runs on donations and doesn't have the money for a lot of staffing, and they don't have as many volunteers as they need.

      There are 75 volunteers signed up, but the shelter assistant manager, Mary Gail Blaiser, says only 15 of them help out regularly. She'd like to have at least 40 volunteers help out Monday through Saturday.

      The volunteers walk dogs, play with cats, and clean their cages.

      "We have a lot of women who like to work with cats because their husbands have told them they can't have one. So this is their cat fix. They come in here, and even the older ladies sit on a bench and comb a cat. It's very rewarding for them. It's good for the cats. It socializes them," said Blaiser.

      Anyone who's at least 18 can sign up at the shelter. Volunteers usually pitch in two to four hours on the days they're there.