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      Animal shelter raising money for fence

      The Alger County Animal Shelter is kicking off a campaign called Fence for Fidoes.

      They're raising money to purchase a fence that will surround the entire shelter. Volunteers say a fence will help in getting dogs in and out of the outdoor kennels, and prevent them from escaping. The shelter manager says they've already had several dogs escape and run out to the street.

      "It's so excited it wants to get out really bad, it can squeeze through your legs and take off," says manager Kathy Glish. "I just had Lucky running around in the tall grass the other day. She was so excited to get outside and play in the grass that she ran off on me."

      A fence will cost the shelter a little more than $5,000. They're hoping to raise the money by August 15.

      You can make a donation by stopping by the shelter, or going to their website. Those who make a $100 donation will have memory plaque hung on the fence.