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      Animal shelter reaches limit, needs people to adopt

      The Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba is at almost a maximum population, and they're hoping to adopt out many of the dogs that have been brought in as strays.

      There are usually a few dogs dropped off in a week. They recently had six stray dogs brought in a 24-hour period.

      There's currently a three page log of both missing and found animals.

      The shelter has a 14 dog capacity, and right now they're at a maximum canine population.

      Shelter officials say if you drop off a dog, please fill out the information such as where the animal was found.

      There is one simple way to decrease the chance of your pup getting lost.

      "Either a microchip--we scan all dogs that come into the shelter for the microchip--otherwise we have an identification tag with a name and a phone number so we can reunite the owner and the pet," said Shelter Manager Susan Gartland.

      The dog adoption fee is about $110 and includes vaccines and heartworm tests.