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      Animals judged at Livestock Show

      It's the end of a relationship, between the owner and their prized animal.

      Dozens of 4-H kids from Marquette and Alger counties took part in the livestock show at the Marquette County Fair.

      After months and countless hours of training, it all comes together at the show ring.

      "It's just an everyday struggle because you can have your steer at home, you can get him here and he can be crazy in the show ring. You just never really know," said Morgan Bruce, participant.

      Eighty-two kids from seven different 4-H clubs in Marquette and Alger counties showed their animals at the Livestock Show.

      Livestock is judged in two categories showmanship and market.

      For showmanship the judge looks for the calmest, most controlled, healthy animal and good eye contact from the trainer.

      "You want to stay about 15 feet away from the judge. You want to do about a half circle all the way around them so they can see every angle of the pig. And, you want to show them that you're having fun out there that you worked really hard with your animal, but then you want to show that you're serious and you're doing it to win," said Owen DeVooght, participant.

      The livestock show includes judging of pigs, steer, lambs, goats and many others.

      After showmanship heats are completed, the animals are judged in market.

      "You want your animal to be clean, and to be healthy is the biggest thing. On a market animal you don't want him too fat you don't want him too skinny. You want them to be the right build for their muscle," said Shelby Talsma, participant.

      The animals then go up for auction on Saturday.

      Once they are sold it's a bittersweet goodbye for the trainer and their animal.