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      Annual bike race to bring in the bucks

      Marquette County will be packed this weekend for the 13th Annual Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic.

      It's the 13th Annual Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic. Race Coordinator, Nicole Dewald, says over the years, it's turned into a family event, meaning more people coming from out of town.

      "In 2011, we had about 2,300 racers. This year we are looking at that same number or possibly more than that, hopefully. With that many racers, about 70 percent are from out of town," said Dewald.

      These people stay in town, and about 50 percent will book a hotel room for more than a day. Hotels are already booked; people staying are making it a weekend-long event. This can bring in millions of dollars locally.

      Pat Black, Executive Director of Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau, says the more people visiting for the event, the more money that gets funneled back into our economy.

      "The trickle down spending from events like this is huge. I mean we are talking gas, restaurants, lounges, retailâ?|anything. If people can spend money, they are going to spend it while they're here."

      Black also says it gives new people the chance to enjoy a great event, explore what Marquette has to offer, and hopefully spur more future trips.