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      Another spring snowstorm hits Upper Peninsula

      Just when we thought we were in the clear, the Upper Peninsula gets hit with a spring snowstorm. Residents had shovels out and snow plows running full blast.

      "It might take me about an hour and a half to do everything since I don??t have a snow blower," says Marquette resident, Emily Gillespie.

      The storm began Thursday night. Many areas received around nine inches; however, that number could very well increase because the storm could last until Saturday morning.

      "Well, given my job, I??m not too excited about the weather," says U.S. postal carrier, Dan Olson. "It??s been a pretty horrendous winter, and it seems to never end."

      "It??s supposed to be pothole season instead of plowing season," says Mike Harrington, Operations Director at the Marquette County Road Commission. "Hopefully that??s where we go from here and get some sunshine."