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      Anti bullying message in Norway Schools

      Norway School's third graders were busy practicing a song they plan to sing for the rest of the school. The students will perform a song about bullying and hope it will inspire their peers to work together to keep Norway bully free. Teachers say battling bullying is a priority and believed it would be in the students best interest to hold an assembly about the issue.

      "It's something that we focus on daily in the classroom and as it says in the song we just try to change it one student at a time," said Principal, Brad Grayvold.

      "Whoever bullys you should stop and be nicer and think what you're doing," said Third Grader, Mia Vedin.

      "It makes me feel bad for the kid that's getting bullied. People shouldn't be bullying other people," added Third Grader, Drew Anderson.

      The anti bully assembly will take place Monday afternoon.