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      Antique model canoes bring out hundreds of people

      Canoe collectors and admirers filled Tourist Park in Marquette Saturday. Over 60 new and antique canoes were on display for the U.P. Chapter's first-ever Regional Assembly of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. Some of the canoes on display date back to the early 1900s. A solo paddler, birch bark canoe builder, and basket makers were just a few of the demonstrations available. "My husband has two boats that we own. He has one that's a newly built boat and one that's been a restored canoe. We paddle often, we've paddled many times. Actually, my husband was here before the ice was off paddling here at the Dead River," said Judy Kitchen. If you didn't get to see the canoes Saturday, organizers say keep your eyes on Lake Superior and other waterways Sunday in Marquette because you just might see them paddling by.