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      Antique snowmobile ride brings in money for charity

      The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the Keweenaw is snow and snowmobiling. Copper Harbor hosted the 8th annual Antique Snowmobile Run for Fun event Saturday.

      Julie Beck has been collecting sleds for years and brought three antiques.

      "It's so much fun to see where snowmobiling has come from, an engine with an ironing board pulling you along the trail, or bumping you all over, to the new ones," said Beck. "But really the reliability, the good times that went with them. It wasn't about speed, it was about family events."

      Over 80 vintage sleds from the '60s, 70's, and 80's lined the streets. Participants marveled at each others' sleds, and even took them on a scenic ride through the Keweenaw.

      Aside from being a fun-filled weekend of riding, the money raised all went toward "No Kids in the Keweenaw Without a Christmas," a charity organization that provides money for less-fortunate children in Keweenaw County.

      An authentic 1972 Arctic Cat sled was one of the items being raffled off. Not only did the winner get a great prize, but the money went toward a good cause.

      "It's fun to do, and the money goes for a good cause," said event organizer, Wendell Canfield. "It's cool to see all the old stuff that people drag in and ride."

      "To know that something like this funds that kind of a project, this means that we all in our community benefit from it," said Beck.

      This year the event raised over $2000 for charity.