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      Appeals court sends attempted kidnapping case back to judge

      The case against Mohamed El Fechtali for allegedly trying to kidnap a 12-year-old Munising girl is heading back to Alger County Circuit Court.

      The state appeals court overturned the suppression of El Fechtali's confession.

      That means Judge William Carmody will re-hear the issue with respect to the confession and whether it was done voluntarily. The added problem with this case is that Mohamed El Fechtali lives in Montreal, Canada.

      Alger County Prosecutor Karen Bahrman says El Fechtali would have to return for the court hearing. He would be asked to return voluntarily, or he could be extradited from Canada.

      Bahrman says the agreement on which El Fechtali was released is not enforceable by her office. Also in question is the cost of an international extradition process. The court hearing has not yet been scheduled.